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The Banking Stack for DeFi.

MELD is the first DeFi, non-custodial, banking protocol. You can securely lend & borrow both crypto and fiat currencies with ease and stake your MELD tokens for APY.

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Cash Loans

Get an instant loan against your cryptocurrency holdings at a competitive APR or get a credit line and only pay interest on what you use.

Protect Crypto Holdings

Dont let today's small expenses erode your crypto investments. Leverage the value of your crypto to borrow cash when you need it.

Built on Cardano

The MELD protocol is built on the Cardano blockchain, a next generation blockchain delivering fast, safe and cost effective infrastructure for a new generation of DeFi.

Decentralized and Trustless

A world-class DeFi protocol, MELD uses smart contracts to ensure complete transparency and fairness for all parties.

Borderless and Democratic

Economic and political changes can’t alter MELD’s smart contracts. Our DeFi protocol is safe from changing laws or unexpected events.

Stable Yield Earnings

Let your crypto work for you. Earn yields from our staking pools as well rewards in the MELD token.


MELDing Crypto + Traditional Currency

Enjoy the benefits of high-return cryptocurrency investments and the liquidity of fiat currencies. MELD lets you retain full ownership of your crypto assets with an instant liquidity framework.


Stay Long +
Get Cash

Leverage your crypto holdings for the cash and credit you need. MELD lets you easily borrow fiat against your crypto holdings without having to sell your crypto assets.


Get a Loan +
Keep Your Keys

Use your crypto holdings as collateral to secure low interest loans in fiat without losing your private keys. With MELD you can leverage your cryptocurrency to borrow the cash you need today, while still maintaining full control of your crypto portfolio for future value.


Modular +

Composability is key to the MELD protocol and our goal of being a first class citizen in the DeFi ecosystem. Each of the core functions in the MELD protocol will be interoperable with other services such as AMMs, LPs, Insurance and all the rest of the financial tools available.

How it works

Take out a loan

Using the MELDapp, choose how much cash you’d like to borrow. Add your crypto as collateral (2x the amount you’d like to borrow) and lock it into a MELD smart contract.

Get your cash

Once the smart contract is in place, your loan is electronically transferred to your bank account anywhere in the world.

Earn yield on your crypto

Your crypto collateral is added to MELD’s liquidity pools to generate yield and work for you for the entire lifespan of the loan.

Pay back the loan

Make monthly payments to pay back the interest and principal of your loan. Once the loan is paid off, your collateral is released to you.

Earn all the time

Regardless if you are borrowing, lending, staking or Hodling you are always earning yield from the crypto in your MELDapp.

The MELD Initial Stakepool Offering or ISPO is a new and unique method for fundraising that is community oriented and safe for all parties involved. To participate, you simply delegate your ADA in your Yoroi or Daedalus to the MELD staking pool and 100% of the rewards go towards funding MELD. Based on the amount of rewards generated and duration your ADA is staked you will be airdropped MELD tokens on launch. We are launching the ISPO before the private sale to give everyone the opportunity to join in early and reap the rewards.

MELD Roadmap




  • MELD Launch
  • Initial Stake Pool Offering starts
  • Token Private Sale
  • Launch of Marketing Initiatives
  • Partner Program Launch


  • MELDapp launch — Beta testing of the MELDapp begins on mobile and chrome
  • MELDapp — multi crypto wallet
  • Support for MELDed BTC, ETH and BNB


  • MELD token launch — MELD token officially launches
  • MELD rewards start
  • Initial Stake Pool Offering ends
  • MELDapp v1.0
  • Distribution of mBTC, mETH, mBNB, mUSD, mEUR
  • MELD vaults 1.0


  • Zero Interest Loans
  • Fiat loans begin
  • Collateral support for addition Tokens such as COMP, DOT and LINK
  • MELD Vaults 2.0
  • Self Paying Loans


Ken Olling


Hai Nguyen Quang


Dave Lin


Lise Wessel


Thomas Tallis


Nicholas Collinson


Stuart Hollinger

Social Media Übermensch

Duc Phan Duy

Security Engineer

Quang Luong The Minh

Security Engineer

Thuy Vu Thi Thuy

Blockchain Engineer

Duy Nguyen Duc

Blockchain Engineer

Dong Nguyen Thi Phuong

Blockchain Engineer

An Le Mai

Blockchain Engineer

Filip Nendl

Product Manager

Matej Bilić

Senior Graphic Designer


Amit Pradhan


Binh Nguyen


Patrick Ramsauer


James Bowater


Bruno Kocher



Vent Finance
Polygon Technology
World Mobile


Silicon Valley Blockchain Society

MELD with us.

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